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She has worked in publishing, higher education and the voluntary sector. Unrecorded — A deed, etc. Geographic Information System GIS — A database management system used to store, retrieve, manipulate, analyze, and display spatial information; a type of mapping system capable of integrating spatial data and attribute data among different layers on a base map.

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With a wide range of subjects to tackle each term, Fiona shares her extensive knowledge with flair, enthusiasm and energy. Trustee — One who holds legal title to property under a trust agreement. Irrevocable — That which can not be recalled or revoked. The e-portfolio should be easy and intuitive to use, and it should make people's jobs easier and more Tutor assessor, not harder and more frustrating.

Thread — A line midway between the side lines, Tutor Tutor assessor as midway between the banks of a stream. Partition — An instrument in which property is divided between two or more owners. Polaris Learning deliver tailored programmes, delivered in a focused and relevant manner and in a style that truly engages the participants.

Split — A result of a division or sale of property held by a single owner into multiple parcels. Millage — A tax rate expressed as mills per dollar. Having tried many crafts before finally finding fused or kiln-formed glass, Jane is passionate about the versatility of glass and the uplifting nature of what can be produced.

It is the first time I have experienced such personalised feedback on an online course. Christopher works as a moderator and assessor for an international awarding body specialising in vocational music examinations, and in a freelance capacity for Cambridge International Examinations.

Topics covered include communication, human response in conflict situations, assessing and reducing the risks in conflict situations, de-escalating conflict in emotive situations and good practice following a conflict situation.

Originally trained with a degree in carpet design, Vanessa specialised in textiles until when she started cutting paper.

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We have started recording progress and can confidently measure where our competency gaps are. Born in Manchester, Madeline moved to Herfordshire aged eight, and, several years later, was awarded her BA Hons from Bristol and an MA from the Courtauld Institite, specialising in architectural history and focusing on the early 18th century.

After a long gap doing voluntary work, she returned to teaching as a supply teacher. Interest — The portion of ownership of a person in a property. I have trained and entered many college students for national competitions.

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Revocable Trust — A trust in which the grantor of the property held in trust retains the right to repossess the legal and equitable rights. The company was founded in with the specific aim of working with clients to build a relationship that allows both parties to develop a better understanding of one another; this delivers solutions that clients want.

Property Settlement — Judgment rendering the partition of the assets of a divorced couple.

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Quarter Section — A subdivision of a section containing acres. Point of Beginning P. Inter Vivos — Between livings persons. Servitude — The right of use or enjoyment of land belonging to another; easement.

Homestead Exemption — Freedom of part or all of the value of an owner occupied property from property taxation. Tutor Biographies. Jump to: Elizabeth Barber, Eduardo Bell, Diane Brendling, Christopher Budd, Sarah Burles, Marina Burrell, Andy Cocks, Paul Crossley, Barry Dackombe.

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With over 12 years experience in dog training and dealing with specific canine behavioural issues, Ross McCarthy is a top choice London based dog trainer.

Primus Training & Consultancy is a UK training provider delivering, open, in-house and bespoke development programmes covering, customer care, professional development training for all types of. Domestic Energy Assessor Training Courses from the Energy Trust offer a Rewarding Career in a new & exciting industry.

With over 12 years experience in dog training and dealing with specific canine behavioural issues, Ross McCarthy is a top choice London based dog trainer. The Socorro County Assessor's Office determines the property value of homes, businesses and other taxable properties within the county for ad valorem tax purposes.

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